Come to Chile!

What does it mean to be Chileno?

Is it traditions? Such as dancing “cueca” during 18th of September or having “once” with your family? Or is it in the nature? The scorching deserts in the north or the freezing glaciers in the south? Or maybe it’s in the love for football? Because we´re pretty crazy about football here.

Well, surely in a country as long as ours there´s not a single answer. After all the very essence of Chile is its richness, not only in nature but in people. We all come from different places, all with different stories to tell, but what unites us is that we call this weird and long country our home.

Do you want to experience Chile and find this out for yourself? Do you want to live with a Chilean family? Then apply for an exchange here with your local YFU-organization. In the future maybe you will call this place home, and then you will also be Chileno.

Welcome to Chile!


Familia Sepúlveda Diaz – Santiago

Familia Anfitriona

Nos permitió llegar a tener otra hija más, Sarah desde el comienzo se incorporó como una integrante más de nuestra familia…